Temperature Projects

Arduino and SHT11 example

The SHT1x digital humidity sensor is a reflow solderable sensor. The SHT1x series consists of a low-cost version with the SHT10 humidity sensor, a standard version with the SHT11 humidity sensor, and a high-end version with the SHT15 humidity sensor.…

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HDC1008 and OLED project

In this example we will connect a HDC1008 sensor to our ARduino and display the output on a 128 x 32 I2C OLED LCD display, you could use a different type of LCD or a bigger OLED variety but that is…

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DHT22 sensor example

In this example we use the DHT22 (or AM2302) humidity/temperature sensor and the Arduino UNO board to read data and print it out to the serial monitor. The DHT22 is better than the DHT11 because it has a wider range of measurement,…

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SHT21 sensor data displayed on an LCD

In a previous example we connected a SHT21 temperature and humidity sensor to an Arduino – http://www.arduinoprojects.net/sensor-projects/sht21-humidity-and-temperature-sensor-example.php. This was a bit basic as the data was sent via the serial port, so lets add an LCD to display the temperature and…

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LCD4884 and DHT11 sensor

In this example we connect a DHT11 sensor our Arduino, again we will display the temperature and this time the humidity as well on our LCD4884 shield. In this example we connected the data pin of the DHT11 to Pin…

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