TSL2561 based lux meter

Another project - this time were building another lux meter, we will use a TSL2561 sensor and display the readings on an LCD keypad shield Lets recap some information regarding the sensor This TSL2561 is an I2C light-to-digital converter. Continue reading

DS1624 temperature readings on LCD project

This time we are going to look at hooking up a DS1624 sensor to an LCD Keypad shield. We will display the temperature on the LCD. A reminder about the DS1624 The DS1624 consists of two separate functional units: a 256-byte nonvolatile E2. Continue reading

Arduino barometer example

In this simple project we will create a basic barometer using an MS5611 sensor You can find out more about this sensor at http://www.te.com/usa-en/product-CAT-BLPS0036.html , the easiest way to use this sensor is using a module like the one. Continue reading

Arduino lux meter using an OPT3001 sensor

In this example we will build a simple lux meter using an OPt3001 and an Arduino Lets look at the OPT3001 first of all The OPT3001 is a sensor that measures the intensity of visible light. The spectral response of the sensor tightly matches. Continue reading

Arduino Uno and GUVA-S12SD UV Sensor example

The GUVA-S12SD UV Sensor chip is suitable for detecting the UV radiation in sunlight. It can be used in any application where you want monitor for the amount of UV light and is simple to connect to any microcontroller. I recently noticed that some. Continue reading

Arduino Uno and MMA7361 accelerometer example

The MMA7361L is a low power, low profile capacitive micromachined accelerometer featuring signal conditioning, a 1-pole low pass filter, temperature compensation, self test, 0g-Detect which detects linear freefall, and g-Select which allows for the. Continue reading

Arduino Uno and HMC5983 magnetometer example

The Honeywell HMC5983 is a temperature compensated three-axis integrated circuit magnetometer. This surface-mount, multi-chip module is designed for low-field magnetic sensing for applications such as automotive and personal navigation, vehicle. Continue reading